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Bluelight LED CIPP Lining System with Powerpack
HeatWave Curing System

Our Systems. Your Solution.

When it comes to rehabilitating aging and deteriorating pipes, we've got you covered.

Our industry leading lateral rehab system drowns out the competition. We test all our products in the field and when paired together they are elite in every standard. We’re here to help you do more, in less time, with less interference. When you choose HammerHead you’re choosing
integrated solutions, with superior results.

Key Features

Bluelight® LED System

The Bluelight LED CIPP lining system for laterals and small drain pipes is the most advanced light-curing system available. The LED light head up to five times faster than other methods allowing for a fully cured 50-foot sewer line in under 12 minutes.

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Heliam® Scrim Liner

The all new Scrim reinforced liner that minimizes longitudinal stretch and assures accurate inversion lengths. This liner can be used for ALL curing methods - making it the most versatile scrim on the market.

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Quicklok Inversion Drum

HammerHead® QuickLok inversion drums were created to improve upon the inversion drum design by adding time-saving features including the patent pending QuickLok door system. HammerHead QuickLok inversion drums will allow you to maximize the working time on any lining job.

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Wet Out Table

Designed based on customer feedback, the WT212-3D wet-out table delivers unmatched precision in the CIPP liner wet out process, increasing efficiency and improving the quality of the installation.

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Heatwave Curing System

HammerHead® HeatWave is an all-in-one, easy-to-use hot-water curing system. The boiler, pump and all controls are fully integrated in a single unit. Its smaller footprint also makes it easier to work in tighter spaces.

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Point Repair Solutions

HammerHead® point repair is a trenchless, structural rehabilitation solution for pipes 3 to 72 inches in diameter. The HammerHead point repair system is the ideal cost-effective, environmentally friendly CIPP point or sectional repair solution.

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Our resin systems are inherently free of odors, HAP, and volatile VOC emissions making them the best choice for CIPP applications.

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Check out some testimonials and videos on how HammerHead incorporates voice of customer feedback in everything we do from the R&D process to training!

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