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Equipment Financing

HammerHead Financial Services

HammerHead Financial Services (HHFS) is a highly competitive finance program intended to give HammerHead customers—small to large—the best financial service available in the industry. Check out our current offers for our latest special financing opportunities.

Make your money work like our equipment

What was once tough, backbreaking work is made easier by HammerHead Trenchless. And what was once a complicated financial challenge is made easier by your HHFS professional, who knows how to put your money to work for you. HammerHead financial services provides:

Personal Service – HammerHead Financial Services (HHFS) has the people and the products to provide the best financing solution for you.

Experience – HHFS professionals are experts in the construction industry. We understand your business and what you need in equipment financing.

Flexible Financing and Leasing Solutions – HHFS is a full-service provider, offering a wide variety of financing and leasing options to meet your individual requirements.

Financing Options

Monthly-Level Plans – Purchase equipment over time with payments that remain constant throughout the term.

Skip-Payment Plans – You can better match your cash flow to your monthly cost by scheduling skip payments throughout the year.

Accelerated Payment Plans – Consider an accelerated pay program that enables you to build equity in the machine faster—during the first few payments.

Rental Purchase Transaction – Try the machine before you buy and build equity while you rent.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Responsive Credit Decisions – We strive to provide a credit decision as quickly as possible. We know you need the equipment now!

Automatic Payment Plan – Avoid late payment charges and protect your good credit rating. It’s quick and easy. Instead of writing a monthly payment check, your HHFS payment can be paid automatically from your business checking account.