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Field Support & Service

When you purchase a HammerHead product, you gain access to our team of technical experts and first-rate service team. That’s because at HammerHead, our service doesn’t stop at the sale. Our goal is to help you be successful in all aspects of lateral rehabilitation and replacement.

Field Support

We know that every job site is different and even the most prepared crews run into challenges. When challenges arise, you can enlist the services of our technical experts who will travel to the job site and provide field support.

When our technical experts come to you, they’ll set up basic practice scenarios in your shop and help complete the session on a live job providing expert guidance while installing.

We provide field support for our entire product line so no matter the size of the job, our technical experts are here to support you and your crew and get the job completed.


Our products are rigorously tested during research and development to ensure they can withstand anything you find in the field. But even the most seasoned professional knows that you can’t always be prepared for everything and sometimes the result is damage to your equipment.

At HammerHead, we understand the importance of always having fully functional equipment and, when equipment is down, it is costly to your business. Our service team is located in the U.S. and this central location means a faster path to get your equipment back up and running.

Service Request

Have you purchased a product from us? Are you experiencing technical issues? Looking for additional training opportunities to use your equipment properly? Submit a ticket and we’ll be in touch.

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