HammerHead Trenchless Releases HydroBurst® 100XTR Radio Remote Pipe Bursting System

The HydroBurst 100XTR by HammerHead® Trenchless gives operators the ability to take on a wide range of sewer, water and gas line replacement jobs with just one machine. The unit’s 100-ton capability is rated for up to 16 inches in diameter, yet it is compact enough for use on pipe down to 4 inches. A combination of industry-first and industry-proven features mean operators can confidently bid and complete a wider range of jobs faster, efficiently and productively.

The HydroBurst 100XTR comes with an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use radio remote control. Freeing operators from the pit allows them to position themselves for the best view of a bursting operation and increases workspace in the pit for rod handlers.
Its lightweight, heat-treated alloy rods feature an API-style joint that resists buckling under the greater thrust loads required by longer burst runs, sweeping bends, and encrusted and collapsed lines. Used in combination with specialized tooling, operators can burst the toughest steel and ductile steel pipes.
In average soil conditions, a 400-foot job takes little more than two hours to complete from rod payout to pipe pullback.
Not all tasks require the 100-ton capability of the HydroBurst 100XTR. Operators can swap power for speed by switching to its 50-ton mode, working up to twice as fast depending on the job’s requirements.
An automated rod spinner system – an industry-first – also enhances productivity and safety by its consistently repeatable, precision performance. A locking jaw system provides constant tension on the rod string eliminating rod rebound, or “bungee effect,” increasing makeup and breakout efficiency throughout a push or pull operation.
Hydraulic leveling jacks allow operators to make adjustments on the fly, as needed, keeping the machine on-grade without interrupting bursting operations.
The HydroBurst 100XTR will be available for delivery November 2021 from HammerHead Trenchless or from authorized dealers, worldwide. Authorized dealers can be found on the web at www.hammerheadtrenchless.com.com.com or by calling 800.331.6653. (International: + [1] 920.648.4848).