HammerHead Trenchless Unveils HydroGuide® HG550 High-Performance Cable Winch

The HydroGuide® HG550 high-performance cable winch by HammerHead® Trenchless enables operators to precisely match tonnage and speed to a job’s specific requirements. The winch is ideal for slitting plastic gas pipes and pulling back new product in lines ranging from ½ inch to 2 inches in diameter. Its high-tech features and options protect profit margins through increased operational efficiency and help operators satisfy their customers even on the most demanding jobs.
The HG550 provides infinite, proportional control of up to 5.5 tons of pulling force at payout/pullback speeds ranging from 3 inches to 110 feet per minute. This means operators not only can use a HG550 to precisely match payout and pullback to the task. They also have a top-rate capability to complete runs up to 20 percent faster than with competing winches.
The HG550 features a data tracking system to record performance information. Documentation can be used to meet reporting requirements, to support operator training programs, or for internal project tracking, assessment and more. The easy-to-read, Precision Digital Job Data Recorder keeps track of line speed, distance, force and pressure. A USB flash drive makes it easy to store and download data. Use of the optional printer provides hardcopy right on site.
HammerHead Trenchless is the only manufacturer that also offers an Electrical Strike Indicator Device (ESID) option for increased safety working near utilities.
The new HydroGuide® HG550 winch will be available for delivery November 2021.