HammerHead® Trenchless offerings now include the Picote Pipe Coating System

LAKE MILLS, Wisc. – HammerHead® Trenchless Equipment, a Charles Machine Works company, now offers the Picote Pipe Coating System and the Picote Smart Spider pipe cleaning tool. These new additions to the Picote product line allow HammerHead Trenchless Equipment to offer solutions for a larger range of pipe rehabilitation projects and conditions. 

The Picote Pipe Coating System renovates pipes 1 ¼ to 6 inches in diameter up to 60 feet in length with a brush-cast, resin coating to form a new wear-resistant, non-corrosive pipe from the existing one. It is cost-effective alternative to pipe replacement because it leaves the existing pipe in place, eliminating the need for extensive demolition and restoration. It can be used to renovate an entire pipe system or finish off a point repair for a wide range of pipe materials including cast iron, PVC, concrete and clay. 

Jake Saltzman, worldwide technical director for Picote Solutions Inc., said the slick inner surface of the cured coating increases flow rate and minimizes the risk of blockages similar to cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining systems: “And the Pipe Coating System is actually comparable to CIPP in ease of application, durability and cost per linear foot. So it offers a cost-effective, noninvasive, trenchless alternative that can be used where CIPP and point repair can’t or in conjunction with them.” 

Unlike inversion-process liner systems, a brush-cast application isn’t limited by abrupt angles. And unlike spray-on coatings that simply cover a substrate, brush-cast application works the coating into the substrate, pushing past residue and deeply into the surface material for the strongest bonding and adhesion. 

Brush-cast pipe coating can be used to line pipes that are subject to high pressure, high temperature or frequent exposure to some chemical substances. Pipe coating also offers high production capability in larger, complex jobs, since the completed coatings do not require return trips to cut, trim and reinstate mid-run joints or fixtures. 

HammerHead Trenchless sent its field technicians to Picote’s international headquarters in Finland for factory training to provide customers with top notch field support. 

Ryan Boldan, product line manager for HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, said, “This means we not only can expand your range of solutions but can offer the same level of HammerHead product support and technical expertise we provide for all our lines. Picote is a quality brand offering proven solutions for the trenchless industry.  You can use the Picote products with confidence knowing HammerHead will be right there with you, as always.”

A compact system that weighs only about 33 pounds, the Picote Pipe Coating System is easily used for projects in tight spaces. Applications are approximately 1/16 inch per pass, requiring just two to four coats to build the desired thickness. 

The urethane coating dries to the touch within hours, reaching full hardness in seven days. Pipes can be reconnected in a day. Even after reaching full hardness after seven days, the coating remains flexible enough to withstand shock and bending, which greatly prolongs the service life of the pipe up to 50 years.

Use of the Picote Pipe Coating System requires a CCTV camera and Mini Miller to power the system. Brushes, hoses and shaft come in a variety of styles and sizes for a customized package.

In addition to the Pipe Coating System, the newly released Picote Smart Spider is also available from HammerHead. The Smart Spider offers a pipe cleaning alternative that is safer to use on fragile, brittle or broken lines for which chains are too aggressive. 
Available in both 4- and 6-inch sizes, the Picote Smart Spider is a new tool designed to work in all pipes, including PVC and pipes with gaps that can catch a chain-style cleaner. The Spider operates at 1,000 rpm and is driven by a Picote Maxi Miller. The tool easily navigates 90-degree turns. 

The Smart Spider is rebuild-able, offering users the economy of replacing individual components rather than the entire tool. 

The Picote Pipe Coating System and Picote Spider are available directly from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment at www.hammerheadtrenchless.com.com.com or by calling 800.331.6653. (International: + [1] 920.648.4848).

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