HammerHead® Trenchless Unveils Precision Accuracy In New Wet-Out Table

HammerHead Trenchless, a Charles Machine Works Company, unveiled a leap forward in wet-out accuracy at the 2019 WWETT Show in Indianapolis. The company’s new WT212-3D wet-out table features a unique 3-drive roller system and no-shim gap control that combine to deliver highly accurate and uniform resin saturation for quality CIPP installations.

“The mobile WT212-3D provides CIPP contractors the highest level of consistent resin saturation right there on the jobsite,” said Matt Gabrielse, product manager of HammerHead Trenchless CIPP lines. “The innovative 3-drive roller system and quick-locking gap control are game-changers.”

The latest CIPP curing methods, such as LED curing, require extreme consistency in resin depth and saturation. The unique 3-drive design of the WT212-3D powers rollers to reduce liner wrinkling common in hand-cranked models. The smooth, automated operation delivers uniform wet-outs time after time. In addition, a quick-locking gap mechanism allows users to calibrate gap height down to a quarter-millimeter, with more precision than shim-calibrated designs, to eliminate thickness variation in resin.

“With the accuracy of our table, resin volume calculations can be more exact,” added Gabrielse. “This can reduce waste, increase efficiency and ultimately save you money.”

Other notable features of the new WT212-3D include a safety e-stop that not only halts movement but also releases roller pressure for easier removal of anything between the rollers. A self-centering belt eliminates the hassle of in-field adjustment and reduces wear and tear. In addition, the durable, wheeled table frame includes storage space for more value, utility and convenience on the jobsite.

The WT212-3D wet-out table can be used with any liners 2 to 12 inches in diameter. More information can be found at www.hammerheadtrenchless.com.com.

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