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Products HydroGuide® HG375 Winch

HydroGuide® HG375 Winch


Whether you’re slitting gas line or pulling in product, the materials you work with vary. The length and lay of runs vary. Customer requirements vary. The HG375 gives you infinite proportional control of up to 3.75 tons of pulling force with line payout and pullback speeds up to 20 percent faster than competing winches. Now you can match any job’s unique requirements. And while any operator can say they did the job well, the HydroGuide HG375 erases any doubt. The unit’s optional data tracking system records performance information you can use for your own documentation, for training, or for your project reports. With the HG375, the data speaks for itself. And if your jobs have you working near electrical utilities, HammerHead Trenchless is the only winch manufacturer to offer an optional Electrical Strike Indicator Device (ESID) for added safety.



The HG375 winch gives you infinitely variable control over 3.75 maximum tons of force and payout/pullback speeds from 3 inches to 193 feet per minute – ideal for slitting plastic gas pipes ½ inch to 2 inches in diameter, pulling back product or cleaning sewer pipe.


The optional easy-to-read Precision Digital Job Data Recorder keeps track of line speed, distance, force and pressure. Plug in a USB flash drive to download data, or plug in the optional printer for hardcopy right on-site. The recording frequency can be programmed to provide up to 1,024 sample points per pull. When your project is complete, simply plug in a USB flash drive to download the data or plug in the optional printer and print out force and distance data onsite.

Available on-screen data includes: distance, force, speed and pressure. Display options include: SAE/metric units and display contrast. Setting options include: data recording frequency, language, data management and maximum force. Collected data can be cleared or reset at any time during recording.


You need more than just a manufacturer for your trenchless operations – you need a partner. At HammerHead® Trenchless, it is our mission is to help you succeed on every job. Our customer service is available 24/7, so you always get your answers when you need them. Our world-class, on-site training keeps your crews confident and efficient. And when your job calls for a custom solution, our team of industry experts is ready to help. At HammerHead Trenchless, the most important feature on all of our products is the signature support that comes with it.

Model HG375
Rig Size L/W/H – in (m) 122/69.5/51 (3.1/1.8/1.3)*
Weight – lb (kg) 2,400 (1,088)**
Max. pulling force – Tons (t) 3.75 (3.4)
Engine – HP (kw) 21.5 (16) @ 3,000 RPM
Engine Manufacturer/Model Kubota® D902, diesel
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Max. pressure – psi (bar) 3,450 (237.9)
Max. payout speed – fpm (mpm) 165 (50.3)
Maximum Pullback Speed – fpm (mpm) 120 (37) ***
Cable Capacity – ft (m) 4,450 (1,356)***
Usable downrigger length – ft (m) 5 (1.5) or 10 (3.05)
Swaged cable diameter – in (mm) 0.313 (7.9)
Cable weight per foot – lb (kg) .25 (0.11)
Multi Position Leveling Jacks Wheeled unit – (1 front, 2 rear); Skid mount unit – (2 front, 2 rear); Tracked unit – (2 rear)
Electric Start Standard, 12VDC
Capstan control Fully proportional directional valve
Capstan drive motor system Single, dual speed radial piston
Braking System Wheeled unit – Standard, electric; Track unit – Standard, hydraulic
Job data recorder Onboard, digital control/display
Job data printer Portable, thermal strip, via USB (Optional)
Light package Wheeled unit – (Trailer, down-hole); Skid mount unit – (Down-hole); Tracked unit – (Down-hole)
Mast Extension – ft (m) 5 (1.50) or 10 (3.05) (Optional)
Electrical strike identification system (ESID) Optional
All Terrain track mount (AT) Optional
Notes *Without optional accessories. **Weight does not include cable or optional accessories. ***Includes unusable section of cable.