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QuickLok Drums


Once the liner is wet-out, time is limited to get it installed before it cures, so having efficient installation equipment is crucial. HammerHead® QuickLok inversion drums were created to improve upon the inversion drum design by adding time-saving features including the patent pending QuickLok door system. The door is locked down in seconds using a single lever instead of using valuable time to tighten multiple bolt-downs. The QuickLok door reliably seals the drum and provides visual confirmation that the door is secure. QuickLok inversion drums also feature other time-savers like improved maneuverability, and an economical drum nozzle system that uses fewer nozzles to cover the entire 2 – 8″ installation range. HammerHead QuickLok inversion drums will allow you to maximize the working time on any lining job.



Face it. Until now, drum design has not changed much since CIPP’s introduction. Our patent-pending QuickLok door system not only improves lock-down reliability but saves you time – a precious commodity on any lining job. Instead of multiple bolt-downs, you just press a simple lever. You get a secure, positive latch every single time. And no other system gives you such a clear, visual confirmation that the door is secure. QuickLok inversion drums give you extra minutes when every second counts.


QuikLok inversion drums maintain the reputation of previous HammerHead drum models for being lightweight – up to 50% lighter than other leading models – allowing users to easily maneuver it on the job site. QuickLok inversion drums feature a removable spindle wheel that can be attached to either side of the drum and multi-positional drum rotation, to accommodate ever-changing job conditions.


QuikLok inversion drums offer more visibility than previous models. There are three window ports including windows on each side allowing you to see inside of the inversion drum from any angle.


Our QuickLok drums utilize a simplified and improved nozzle system. The lightweight, aluminum nozzles are specially coated to increase durability and reduce friction, an important benefit while inverting liner. To be able to line pipes 2- to 8-inches could take up 18 nozzles with other systems. The cost-effective nozzle system of QuickLok drums use 45- and 90-degree adaptors to cover that entire span of applications with just six nozzles. The adaptors can also be used with existing nozzles from other systems.


The QuikLok drum can handle ambient, hot water, steam and BlueLight® LED curing applications and provide 35% more capacity than competitive drums. Higher pressure rating of 25 psi (1.7 bar) gives you greater confidence inverting through long runs and difficult bends.

Model D125-QL D225-QL
Description D125-QL D225-QL
Rig Size L/W/H – in (m) 22.4/42.3/42.2 (0.57/1.07/1.07) 27.3/46/46.1 (0.69/1.17/1.17)
Weight – lb (kg) 134 (60.7) 162 (73.4)
Service Window – in (cm) 7.5 x 10.25 (19 x 36) 12.5 x 10.25 (32 x 36)
Nozzle Connection 6″ (15cm) Cam Lock (F) 6″ (15cm) Cam Lock (F)
Max. Pressure – psi (bar) 25 (1.72) 25 (1.72)
Curing Methods Air, Steam, Water & Bluelight LED Air, Steam, Water & Bluelight LED
Max. Temperature – °f (°c) 212 (100) 212 (100)
Rotational Drum Multi Position Multi Position
Drum Capacity 2″ Liner – 300′ (91.4m), 3″ Liner – 210′ (64m), 4″ Liner – 125′ (38m), 6″ Liner – 90′ (27m), 8″ Liner – 70′ (21m) 2″ Liner – 300′ (91.4m), 3″ Liner – 300′ (91.4m), 4″ Liner – 225′ (68m), 6″ Liner – 140′ (42m), 8″ Liner – 110′ (33m)