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Products RS BlueLine®

RS BlueLine®


The tightest-fitting CIPP system available for potable water main and transmission lines, RS BlueLine is certified to meet NSF/ANSI 61, is approved by BNQ for potable water applications, and exceeds the strictest material and testing standards, including ASTM and AWWA. RS BlueLine is custom engineered to fully restore structural integrity, reduce water loss and improve operating conditions of deteriorated pressure pipes at a lower cost and considerably less disruption than dig and replace.



RS BlueLine fits tightly to its host pipe and, once cured, provides a full structural Class IV renewal meeting NSF/ANSI 61 Standards. Because it is a structural repair, it can survive a sudden failure of the host pipe and can even serve as a replacement of the hose pipe.

Application range

RS BlueLine can be installed in any host pipe material. It seals leaking joints and hole corrosion, and it prevents further corrosion and encrustation. It is typically installed in lengths ranging from 300-500 feet, and it easily navigates bends up to 45° and joint deflections up to 10%.


The host pipe is cleaned to remove loose obstacles and provide a sufficient internal pipe surface to allow for optimum hydraulic performance of the lined pipe. Water jetting and mechanical cleaning devices are used for cleaning depending on the host pipe condition. Curing is performed using either controlled steam, normally after installation with pressure drum; or, hot water, normally after installation with hydrostatic water column.


Connections and joining techniques can be modified to suit the water systems maintenance requirements with industry standard fittings. Service connections are made via open-cut excavation or robotic means.

Description Specification
Medium Potable Water
Diameter Range 6 – 48 (150 – 1220)
Thickness Range 3.0 – 15.0 mm depending on static calculation
Available Lenghts Length made to order
Resin MaxPox® epoxy resin systems
Liner A multi-layered fiberglass reinforced needle-punched felt liner with an impermeable coating conforming to ASTM F1216 for the rehabilitation and structural renewal of potable water pressure pipes.
Resin Impregnation (Wet Out) Method Vacuum saturation in compliance with ASTM F2994
Cure Methods Steam or hot water cure