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Products RS CityLiner®

RS CityLiner®


RS CityLiner rehabilitates gravity sanitary and storm sewer pipe and culverts ranging in diameter from 6 to 48 inches. With unparalleled advantages, including styrene-free resins for safe, environmentally friendly installations, RS CityLiner makes it possible to prepare and install CIPP liners right on the job site with confidence of continued quality every time.



RS CityLiner poses no threat to the environment; its epoxy resin is Styrene-free, HAP-free, and VOC-free. It provides reliable, long-term structural strength and has a broad range of chemical resistance.

Application Range

RS CityLiner is used to rehabilitate gravity pipes of 6- to 48-inches in diameter. It is compatible with any host pipe material and it exhibits excellent abrasion resistance. Its use in industrial sewers is dependent upon the medium transported and operating temperature. RS CityLiner is typically installed in lengths around 500 feet and handles bends up to 45° and joint deflections up to 10% without difficulty.


The host pipe is cleaned prior to the installation of the liner, generally using high pressure water. The cleaning is important to remove loose particles and obstructions to allow for optimum hydraulic performance of the lined pipe. Protruding obstructions, such as improperly installed taps or root penetrations, must be removed flush with the pipe surface. Utilizing RS MobiPreg impregnation technology and installation processes exceeding the requirements of industry standard ASTM F2994, the liner is fully saturated with the approved epoxy resin while under vacuum. The wet-out liner then passes through computer controlled calibration rollers and prepared for installation into the host pipe. Installation is performed by inversion method compliant with ASTM F1216. Curing is performed using either controlled steam, normally after air inversion; or, hot water, normally after installation with hydrostatic water column.


After completing cure and cool down, the service connections and manhole or shaft areas are re-established utilizing industry standard cutters and equipment.

Description Specification
Medium Municipal and industrial sewage
DIAMETER RANGE – IN (MM) 6 – 48 (150 – 1220)
Thickness Range 3.0 – 15.0 mm depending on static calculation
Available Lengths Length made to order
Resin MaxPox® epoxy resin systems
Liner A single or multiple layer needle-punched felt liner with impermeable coating conforming to ASTM F1216 for the rehabilitation of gravity sewer pipe.
Resin Impregnation (Wet Out) Method Vacuum saturation in compliance with ASTM F2994
Cure Methods Steam or hot water cure