HammerHead University Online brings training to your jobsite, on your schedule.

The industry leading trenchless technique learning center is now available at your fingertips with the launch of our learning management system, HammerHead University Online.

This free online learning platform offers courses covering a variety of HammerHead’s products, including Bluelight CIPP, PortaBurst PB30, static and pneumatic bursting, point repair, along with product documentation like user manuals.

Sarah Newman, Sr. Instructional Designer at HammerHead Trenchless has spent the last three and a half years creating content and building this platform. “Taking online courses prepares our customers for instructor-led training and can be used to refresh their memory, on demand,” Newman said.

While this is not the first learning system in the market, it is the first of its kind. “The entire focus is first-class training and support for our customers,” Newman said. “HHU Online takes our customers from an introduction to a product or technique to hands-on training with our technical experts,” she added. HHU Online features online user guides with short, easy-to-follow instructions and checklists for customers who need a refresher. For customers wanting to stay up to date on the latest techniques and advancements in the field HHU Online offers advanced eLearning courses.

HHU Online allows participants to receive certification, maintain their certification and recertify, if necessary. “Certification happens when you combine the online training with an instructor-led training onsite or in our university,” Newman said. “You can use these courses as Continuing Education to maintain your certification, or you can recertify with an instructor if your certification is not maintained,” she added.

At HammerHead we consider our customers a trusted source when testing all new products. When creating the LMS, this was treated no differently. A group of 19 customers beta tested HHU Online and provided feedback to the team. “The group is a mixture of customers who have trained in the University and who have had our trainers on their job site,” said Joe Walsh, Technical Services and Learning Coordinator.

Newman added that the test group’s feedback was used to refine the navigation and build out discussion forums. “The discussion forums are a place for customers to share their experiences, learn from one another, and get advice from other contractors and HammerHead’s experts,” she said.

HHU Online is currently free and open for all customers. “This provides a third option for continuing education and is cost effective,” Walsh said. “Coming to the university or having a trainer onsite is a paid service and it also takes employees out of the field,” he added.

HHU Online is mobile friendly and can be used on any computer, tablet, or phone, whether on the jobsite or in the office. Courses will update as products update, and new courses will available quarterly. “New content will be decided by the voice of the customer, new product releases and our certification paths,” Newman said.

Unlike our university campus, there is no limit to class size and your company can have as many logins as necessary.

To begin learning and experience all HHU Online has to offer, visit training.www.hammerheadtrenchless.com.com.


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