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Products HydroGuide® HG1200 Winch

HydroGuide® HG1200 Winch


We know conditions and specifications on your jobsites can vary greatly. One week you’re bursting 12″ clay and replacing it with 12″ HDPE, the next you’re slitting 2″ adyl-a pipe and replacing it with new 3″ polyethylene. To accommodate a wide range of job situations, HammerHead® Trenchless designed the HydroGuide® HG1200 winch to be infinitely adjustable within its parameters to fit each specific job to a T. It features the patented, self-deploying hydraulic boom – an industry game-changer – that allows operators to easily adjust the depth up to 18 feet. Operators also have the ability to fine tune the line speed anywhere from 0-111 feet per minute, and to set the pull force anywhere between 0.5 tons and 12 tons. We put you in total control to help ensure success on even the most challenging jobs.



While other winches require manual assembly of heavy, bulky downhole components, the HG1200 makes set up easy and efficient with its patented, self-deploying hydraulic downrigger. With the touch of a button, operators can deploy the boom and fine-tune the depth without having to jack up the machine. Setup and teardown take just minutes which saves valuable time on a jobsite.


The HG1200 winch is powered by the Kubota® D1105 – a vertical, water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine that complies with Tier 4 emissions regulations. The 24.8 hp engine is lightweight, reliable and fuel-efficient.Additionally, the radial piston motor provides a smoother, more consistent pull than the dual capstan design on previous models.


HammerHead® Trenchless offers several performance-enhancing options to best meet your needs. An optional track-mounted configuration (HG1200AT) allows access in difficult areas. Optional hydraulic leveling jacks provide simplified adjustment of downhole access. Lastly, an optional Electrical Strike Identification system (ESID) offers additional safety when working in a congested area.

Model HG1200 HG1200AT
Engine Kubota® D1105, EPA Tier 4, EU Stage IV, Diesel Kubota® D1105, EPA Tier 4, EU Stage IV, Diesel
Horsepower – HP (kw) 24.8 (18.5) 24.8 (18.5)
Rig Size L/W/H – ft (m) 15.3/5.7/6.0 (4.7/1.8/1.8) 11.7/5.7/6.0 (3.6/1.8/1.8)
Weight – lb (kg) 7,660 (3,475) 8,135 (3,690)
Max. pulling force – Tons (t) 12 (11) 12 (11)
Maximum Line Speed – fpm (mpm) 111 (33.8) 111 (33.8)
Standard Downrigger Length – ft (m) 18 (5.49) 18 (5.49)
Downrigger Light Standard Standard
Remote Hydraulics Standard Standard
Electrical Strike Identification (ESID) Optional Optional
Multi Position Leveling Jacks Standard, manual (1 front, 2 rear) Standard, manual (2 rear)
Hydraualic Leveling Jacks Optional (2 rear) Optional (2 rear)
Electric Start Standard Standard
Auxillary Hydraulic Connection Standard Standard
Cable Diameter – in (cm) .625 (16) .625 (16)
Cable Capacity – ft (m) 2,080 (634) 2,080 (634)