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Products HydroGuide® HG2200 Winch

HydroGuide® HG2200 Winch


The HydroGuide HG2200 cable winch is designed for maximum efficiency on even the toughest pipe bursting, slip lining and pipe slitting jobs. It utilizes a radio remote-control to precisely control all operations to help ensure a fast set up and a smooth pull. With the touch of a button, you can deploy the patented, hydraulic boom and accurately adjust the angle and depth up to 23 feet. You can also use the remote control to easily adjust the grade of the machine with its standard hydraulic levelling jacks. And you have total control to set the infinitely adjustable line speed and pressure to perfectly suit the project at hand – payout speeds from 0 to 100 feet per minute, pulling speed from 0 to 60 feet per minute, at pressures providing 0.5 to 22 tons. The HydroGuide HG2200 puts 22 tons of power at your fingertips.



When it comes to time-saving, easy to use features, no other winch comes close. That’s why the HG2200 comes standard with multi-position hydraulic levelling jacks, full radio remote control, auxiliary hydraulic power, remote electric start and remote operation for the deployable mast.


The HG2200 features radio-remote control which boosts your productivity with a highly precise, intuitive control platform. Both line speed and pressure for the unit’s 2,500 feet of cable are infinitely adjustable. Use the same radio-remote control to dial in payout speeds from 0 to 100 feet per minute and pulling speeds from 0-60 feet per minute, at pressures providing from 0.5 to 22 tons.


For added safety, consider adding the optional Electrical Strike Identification system (ESID), an important measure when working close to other utilities. And when it comes to access, the track-mounted configuration can get you into and out of difficult areas.


You need more than just a manufacturer for your trenchless operations – you need a partner. At HammerHead® Trenchless, it is our mission is to help you succeed on every job. Our customer service is available 24/7, so you always get your answers when you need them. Our world-class, on-site training keeps your crews confident and efficient. And when your job calls for a custom solution, our team of industry experts is ready to help. At HammerHead Trenchless, the most important feature on all of our products is the signature support that comes with it.

Model HG2200 HG2200AT
Rig Size L/W/H – in (m) 204/84/83 (5.18/2.13/2.11) 170/84/77 (4.32/2.13/1.96)
Weight – LB (KG) 14,500 (6,577) 14,500 (6,577)
Max. pulling force – tons (t) 22 (20) 22 (20)
Max. Line Speed – fpm (mpm) 100 (30.5) 100 (30.5)
Engine Manufacturer/Model Kubota D1105, Diesel Kubota D1105, Diesel
Cooling System Water cooled Water cooled
Engine – HP (kw) 24.8 (18.5) 24.8 (18.5)
Downrigger Length – ft (m) 23 (7) 23 (7)
Cable Diameter – in (mm) 0.875 (22) 0.875 (22)
Usable Cable Length – ft (m) 2,500 (789) 2,500 (789)
Full Hydraulic Control by Radio Remote Standard Standard
Remote Operated Deployable Mast Standard Standard
Hydraulic Leveling Jacks Rear Standard Standard
Auxiliary Hydraulic Power Standard Standard
Downrigger Light Standard Standard
Remote Electric Start Standard Standard
Electrical Strike Identification (ESID) Optional Optional
Notes *With mast stowed. **Weight without optional accessories, track unit weighs 15,000 lb (6,804 kg). ***Payout speed. Pullback speeds to 60 feet per minute, no load. *With mast stowed. **Weight without optional accessories, track unit weighs 15,000 lb (6,804 kg). ***Payout speed. Pullback speeds to 60 feet per minute, no load.