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Products HydroBurst Static Pipe Bursting Systems

HydroBurst Static Bursting Equipment


Underground contractors and municipalities around the world are using HammerHead HydroBurst static pipe bursting equipment as an effective method to replace existing watermains, gas pipelines and sewer lines. Pipe bursting follows the path of the existing utilities, reducing utility strike risks and eliminating up to 85 percent of excavation work compared to open-cut methods. HammerHead leads the industry with proven technology and features designed to increase productivity.


HydroBurst HB5058

HammerHead Trenchless is known for our state-of-the-art pipe bursting systems. And it’s true that we lead the industry in innovative design. But we also include basic systems in our pipe bursting line up so that we can provide a solution to match whatever your operation requires. When you want the power of a compact, straightforward pipe bursting system for 2- to 8-inch pipe, we offer the HydroBurst® HB5058. The HB5058 gives you up to 50 tons of simple, brute-force pulling power. Its lightweight API-style threaded rods can be pulled on from any location to keep your burst efficient. You’ll never need to stop midway through a burst to wrestle pull rod the way you would using expensive “bicycle chain” designs that disengage if misaligned. For trenchless gas, sewer or water main replacement jobs, count on hassle-free operation from the HB5058.

HydroBurst 100XTR

Powerful and agile, the HydroBurst 100XTR is a highly versatile unit that is a practical solution for a wide range of sewer, water and gas line replacement jobs. Designed with the user in mind, the 100XTR has the strength to replace pipes up to 16″ (400 mm) yet is compact enough to efficiently replace pipes as small as 4″ (100 mm). With just one static bursting unit, you will have the ability to perform a wide range of jobs maximizing your return on investment. The HydroBurst 100XTR is designed to enhance efficiency and productivity while maintaining a high level of dependability and performance to help ensure no time is wasted on the job.

HydroBurst HB175

They say, “Time is money,” and we know that’s true when it comes to you and your crew’s time on a pipe bursting job. No one wants unnecessary downtime mid-burst because you need to painstakingly re-engage “bicycle chain” links on the pull rods, or you have to fool around reshoring and re-leveling the unit as conditions change. The HammerHead HydroBurst HB175 bursting system eliminates all that wasted time and effort. The HB175, for 8- to 24-inch pipe, is our largest unit. This machine features rods made of a heat-treated alloy making the rod durable yet very economical should it need to be replaced. The rods are lightweight with an API style joint to help prevent buckling. This proven design handles thrust loads encountered when pushing around sweeping bends, through encrusted and collapsed lines and long burst lengths. Exclusively from HammerHead Trenchless, the Rotational Torque Assist feature makes for quick rod string makeup while also allowing you to rotate powerfully downhole to overcome collapsed and encrusted utilities. And like with all HammerHead Trenchless equipment, you get the signature support that provides customized solutions and answers when you need them, 24/7.

System HB5058 100XT HB175
Pipe Replacement Range – in (mm) 4 – 8 (100 – 200) 4 – 16 (100 – 400) 8 – 24 (200 – 600)
Max. Pulling Force – tons (t) 50 (45.4) 99.4 (90.2) 173 (156.9)
Rig Size L/W/H – in (m) 65/22/13 (1.65/0.56/0.33) 83/30/39* (2.11/0.76/1.00) 130/52/min: 41.5, max: 57.5 (330/132/min: 1.05, max: 1.46)
Weight – lb (kg) 928 (421) 3,500 (1,588)** 8,700 (3,946)
Rod Weight – lb (kg) a. 35.0 (15.9); b. 17.2 (7.8) 33.5 (15.2) 60.0 (27.2)
Rod Diameter – in (mm) a. 2.00 (50); b. 1.38 (35) 2.50 (63.5) 3.5 (89)
Rod Length – in (m) a. 39.38 (1.0); b. 39.38 (1.0) 39.37 (1.0) 39.37 (1.0)