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Pipe Cutting Panels


Cut back on costly mistakes with the pipe cutter. For trimming back liner that has overshot into the main during the lining process.


The Pipe Cutter

Simply attach special pipe cutter panels and a centralizer onto your existing smart cutter to quickly remove excess cured liner that has overshot during the lining process into the main. This can be done through the existing lateral.

The Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex

The Ultra-Flex is a complete unit and is used when there is a bend just before the location where the liner needs to be trimmed. The latest DN200 / 8” Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex is also a complete unit and can be powered by the Maxi Miller.

Tooling Pipe Cutter UltraFlex Pipe Cutter
1/4″ Shaft n/a n/a
1/3″ Shaft 3- inch pipe N/A
1/2″ Shaft 3-, 4-, and 6- inch pipes 8-inch pipes