Many of the sanitary sewer collection systems in the United States and around the world are near the end of their service life; they have defects such as collapsed pipes, cracked pipes, and offset joints which lead to root intrusion, infiltration, and exfiltration causing a host of issues including groundwater contamination, backups, and treatment plant capability excesses. Repairing or replacing these old pipes with conventional open cut method is costly, time-consuming, and intrusive. HammerHead® Trenchless’s proven, long-lasting trenchless repair methods for renewing aging and deteriorating pipes allow you to do more, in less time, with less intrusion therefore saving the costs of extensive excavation and surface restoration. For quality equipment and supplies, and unmatched field support, sewer contractors and municipalities turn to HammerHead Trenchless. Whether it is mainline rehabilitation with our RS CityMain® or RS CityLiner™ CIPP system, pipe bursting/replacement, or the replacement of water service lines, HammerHead Trenchless’ trenchless rehabilitation and replacement products and expertise are there to support the needs of the wastewater market, now and for the future.